Torre dei Beati Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo Rosa-ae 2021


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Fausto Albanesi, winemaker and enologist at Torre dei Beati, has adeptly shepherded the vineyards since 1999 when he and his wife, Adriana, began producing wine on land inherited from Adriana’s father in the Vestina subregion of Abruzzo.

Fausto nurtured the oldest Montepulciano vines, which were planted in 1972, and expanded the property to nearly 21h while achieving organic certification for all of his vineyards, with the cold mountain air of the Gran Sasso (the highest peak in the Apennines) enveloping the vines and helping to ward off pests and disease. That mountain chill and significant diurnal variation endow Fausto’s wines with a vibrancy, balance, and freshness - while maintaining a tremendous density - that are alluring.

The name of the estate derives from the detail of a large 14th century fresco, which adorns the local church of S. Maria in Piano. In the representation of the Judgement Day, the “Tower of the Blessed” (“Torre dei Beati”) is the final goal that souls, who have reached the after-life, strive to gain access to after many efforts and difficult trials.

This wine is 100% Montepulciano planted at an altitude of 250-300 m/above sea level. The vines were planted in 1972 and 1995 and are trained in the “Pergola abruzzese” method. It is assembled from saignée juice, juice macerated with the skins at cold temperature, and juice from whole cluster pressings.

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