The Organic Butcher Wagyu Pastrami 1lb

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That's right, Wagyu Pastrami from The Organic Butcher of McLean! Made in small batches with just a few quality ingredients, this smoky pastrami is a natural pairing to match the roasted, dark-plum and rich leathery spice of Mourvèdre.
So what is Wagyu? If you don't know, the term "Wagyu" is a header category for a classification system in Japan for beef under which subcategories like "Kobe" fall. Wagyu cows are assessed along stringent standards including firmness, texture, color, quality of fat, and most importantly, intensity of marbling, creating that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Wagyu cattle have the privilege of special feed recipes including forage, grasses, and rice straw, supplemented by corn, barley, soybean, wheat bran, and in some cases, even beer or sake. There have been reported instances of Wagyu cows being massaged.
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