Terre d'Ombre IGP du Mont Caume Rouge 2018

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Before acquiring vineyards, Georges Delille trained as a sommelier in Paris. In 1963, he bought what would become Domaine de Terrebrune, a property in Ollioules, just east of Bandol, framed by the Mediterranean. Georges spent ten years just renovating the property. He terraced hillsides, refashioned the masonry, and replanted vineyards. Throughout Terrebrune’s thirty hectares, beneath the layers of clay and earth, the blue, fissured, Trias limestone is silently at work. This bedrock lends a more noticeable minerality to this wine than others. Gentle maritime breezes funnel air into the vineyards directly from the Mediterranean, cooling the grapes from the bright sun. The soil here is healthy and full of nutrients, because he adheres to organic farming: absolutely no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. This, in combination with Triad limestone, provides supporting freshness to this otherwise broad wine. It is a richly fruited young Bandol wine (de-classified). Don't be surprised if you think this tastes more "New World" than France to you. The family's credo of “Philosophy, Rigor, and Respect” is at work at Domaine de Terrebrune, and we at Unwined say that the proof is in the glass -- this glass of delicious de-classified Bandol from Domaine de Terrebrune.

The 2018 Terre d'Ombre IGP du Mont Caume Rouge is 100% Bandol fruit (de-classified) from young vines providing layers of unctuous ripe blackberries and muddled plums. A noticeably modern take on Bandol, the wine is supple and silky with just a hint of dark leather spice and none of the barnyard funk.






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