Tenuta di Castellaro Bianco Pomice 2018


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In 2005, partners Massimo Lentsch and Stefania Frattolillo were inspired to establish a brand new winery overlooking the Mediterranean and other islands of the archipelago while on a morning walk on the Piana di Castellaro on Lipari. The winery was designed incorporating the natural resources, construction traditions and history of Lipari while at the same time utilizing modern natural techniques including the use of a solar chimney, a wind tower and a thermal labyrinth all of which act as a natural air conditioning system to ensure a constant temperature and humidity level in the winery. In the vineyards, Tenuta di Castellaro practices organic agriculture. The vines are trained in the “alberello” (little tree) system where head trained bush vines are planted at very high density. Each plant is a “quinconce” planting, meaning each vine is at the apex of an equilateral triangle guaranteeing total equal 360° exposure to all weather events and taking advantage of the temperate, warm Mediterranean climate with its extreme daily temperature shifts. The soils of the Piana di Castellaro are sandy, deep volcanic soils—very fertile and rich in microelements. This combination of soil and climate are ideal for organic viticulture.

Malvasia delle Lipari (60%) and Carricante (40%) planted on a cliffside sandy, volcanic plain on the Aeolian Island of Lipari produces a truly lovely white wine. The grapes are hand harvested. The Malvasia is aged in stainless steel tanks and the Carricante is aged on the lees for six months in old oak barrels. After blending, the wine rests in bottle for six months before its release. It is bright and crisp yet smooth, with lemon and apples blending with a hint of creaminess and salty minerality. Pair this with seafood linguine or swordfish steak with a lemon caper sauce.

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