Sepp Moser Burgenland Zweigelt "Classic Style" 2019


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The Moser family has been involved with winemaking in Kremstal for seventeen generations. Viticulture in the region goes back over a thousand years, and there’s a record of a Moser ancestor managing the church vineyards in the 13th century. Current owner Niki Moser’s great-great-grandfather was the first completely independent winegrower in the village in 1848. His grandfather was integral in developing the Lens-Moser vine training system.

The Moser estate encompasses plantings in Kremstal and Neusiedlersee, two very different regions 160km apart. Their home vineyards in Kremstal are focused primarily on white grapes, grown on historic terraced vineyard sites. The plantings in Neusiedlersee are 80% red grapes, grown on flatter land near the Hungarian border, located within a national park, surrounded by diverse flora and fauna. Niki feels that although it’s a challenge to oversee vineyards located so far apart, it’s also an advantage to be able to offer a range of quality wines from two such different regions.

The goal for the Moser wines is to “express their personality and regional character without make-up.” Of course this starts in the vineyard: the vines are Demeter-certified biodynamic, and Niki is in fact the head of Demeter Austria. Vineyard treatments are thoughtful rather than automatic: copper and sulfur sprays are only used at times of high fungal risk, and he’s incorporating more homeopathic remedies and herbal teas when possible. Harvest is always done by hand, and grapes from Neusiedlersee are transported in large boxes. In the cellar, patience is key: Niki refers to it as “slow winemaking.” All of the wines are spontaneously fermented with native yeasts, and fermentations are allowed to take as long as they need to take. They never use any enzymes, yeast nutrients, or chemical stabilization.

This wine is 100% Zweigelt from Neusiedlersee, fermented and aged in stainless steel.

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