Schmelzer Zweigelt Burgenland 2015

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For over 4 generations, the Schmelzer family has been making wine in the town of Gols. The new winery was built in 1968 on the outskirts of town between fields and vineyards. The farm was always run organically and since 2007 the winery is certified organic with Demeter. The Schmelzers believe in self-sustaining farming and living. They grow their own vegetables and fruits, raise farm animals for their own use and derive water from their own well. To respect to live with and have gratitude for nature is their way of life.

he winery is gravity-fed winery with no pumping. Even the classic wines are fermented spontaneously and left on fine lees (sur lie) for several months and most are aged in large used wooden casks. Schmelzers believe in a long ripening process and are also rigorous in regard to the timing of the sale of the wines. All wines are unfiltered  and have no added sulphur.

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