Robert Princic Gradis'ciutta Collio Friulano 2017

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“Ponca” is the local term for the soil unique to Collio and is composed of sedimentary marls (clay/limestone mixtures) and sandstone. It was generated when the Alpine orogeny lifted marine fossil rich soil from the bottom of what is now the Adriatic Sea. Collio’s terroir is distinctive in that it combines Alpine soils with a Mediterranean climate. Ponca’s high pH (basic) and cool temperature are believed to preserve acidity in the wines, which helps balance the power provided by the climatic conditions. Friulano (Sauvignon vert) is lightly floral and herbaceous on the nose with notes of peach, citrus, and the slight almond note on the finish that is typical of many Italian whites. Pair Friulano freely with white fish and vegetables, but be sure to try it prosciutto di San Daniele, a regional companion.

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