Rinomato Americano Bianco 1 Liter


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The word ‘Americano’ originates from the Italian word ‘amaricante’, meaning bittered, and Americano’s rely on gentian as a battering agent — the most bitter of the bitters.  Rinomato aperitivi are produced in the heart Asti, Piemonte and its distinct aromas result from hand-picked botanicals sourced from family farms around the world by winemaker Giancarlo Mancino. The botanicals include bergamot, rhubarb, Roman wormwood, mandarin, angostura bark, chiretta, gentian, lavender, cinchona bark, vanilla, aloe, and cascarilla bark. There are intense mandarin aromas, and floral notes. the gentian provides dry and tannic layers to support succulent flavors of panettone, fresh lavender, bergamot and mandarin that evolve into a gripping, complex and root-driven palate. Rinomato’s signature Americano spritzer recipe: 2/12 oz Rinomato Americano, 1 oz fresh grapefruit juice, topped with sparkling water. Build over ice in a wine glass and garnish with an orange peel.

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