Orsolani La Rustia Erbaluce di Caluso 2017/2018

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Erbaluce is an indigenous grape grown in the Canavese hills of North- eastern Piemonte since 1606, exclusively in 33 municipalities around the town of Caluso. Erbaluce takes its name from the goddess Albaluce, whose realm was Caluso. Often called Greco, it is thought to be a relative of Fiano, (the same grape highlighted in our featured 2017 Jade & Jasper.) The Orsolani estate’s “La Rustia” is a reference to the roasted slopes where the vines produce remarkably fresh and balanced white wines. Their 2017 Erbaluce is characteristically dry, reminiscent of meadow flowerswith distinguishable acidity, and an excellent partner to all seafood,particularly freshwater fish simply prepared.

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