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This will be the most memorable stop on any wine adventure! Each sip of sherry reflects a rich cultural history and condenses the delicate power of decades, more often centuries, of vintages. The winemaker has the profound responsibility of maintaining the expression of the bodega (winery) by meticulously blending each vintage, until the next generation assumes the role. The vineyards are not a central focus of sherry winemaking. It is what happens in the solera (system of barrels of varying vintages) that dictates the style and quality of the finished sherry. Although sherry is made within a triangular area defined by three cities, it is in the city of Sanlucar de Barrameda where Sherry was born, over 300 years ago. A unique and complex dry style of fino wine called Manzanilla sherry comes from one place in the world- Sanlucar de Barrameda. Orleans Borbon Manzanilla has been made here since the mid-1800s. A unique type of flor, an indigenous yeast by- product of fermentation grows only in Sanlucar. The flor grows on top of the wine (100% Palamino) providing a shield from oxidation and imparting unique and distinct characteristics to the long aging wine. Notes of lemon curd, earthy mushroom, and toasted brioche tantalize. Like Champagne, Manzanilla pairs magically with salty or fried anything- oysters, cured meats, olives, almonds, cheese and even sushi. Serve well chilled. 

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