Lagniappe (a little something extra) - 2 bottle Monthly Wine Club


Dive into our new two pack! Long time lagniappe fans can upgrade while our friends that feel overwhelmed by six bottles each month can enjoy our thoughtfully selected favorites two bottles at a time. Each month, this duo promises to deliver the coolest, most educational, and often newest distributed wines in the Commonwealth. Buckle up! 15% savings included. 

Our September selection shines a spotlight on the most laborious time of year in the vineyards and wineries. It's harvest season, but 2021 was a doozy in France, full of challenges at every turn. Depending on region, producers faced devastating frost and mildew, reducing production up to 30%. Join us in supporting our friends in at Domaine Lucien Crochet in the Loire Valley:

  • Sancerre Rouge "La Croix du Roy" 2017
  • Sancerre Blanc AOP 2019
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