La Tour de Gatigne Rose Languedoc 2020


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Every time we taste the 2018 La Tour de Gâtigne Rosé from Domaine de La Tour, we think that the Tuscan coast has swooned for the south of France! In this meeting of two star-crossed lovers/coasts, snappy Nielluccio (the name given to Sangiovese and traditionally used by the Corsicans) meets Grenache, the staple of southern France. We’re so pleased with the result that we’ve even given this rosé the unofficial title of "Best of the Mediterranean”: the liquid luxury of Grenache sparked with the crunchy berries and Italian flare of Nielluccio.
In the southerly foothills of the Massif Central, the Cévennes mountain range gives name to the Cévennes IGP of France. The region is studded with historic strongholds such as Saint Hippolyte du Fort and Anduze. This history extends to the estate of Domaine de La Tour à St Chaptes, where even the main defensive tower which stands over the estate was built by the Knights Templar in 1212. The estate has seen only three families in its charge during the 800 year period of its existence. The 3rd and 4th generation of the Guibal family, Jean-Michel and Jérôme, continue to deliver the quality we at Unwined have come back to year over year.
Vineyards are planted on the left bank of the Gardon River, which gives name to the Gard region, which lies within the prefecture of Nimes. Vineyards of chalk and clay, with terraces cut out of razor-sharp shale, rock that the Cévennes is known for, provide excellent drainage to the 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah grapes selected for the La Tour de Gâtigne Rosé 2020. Contrasts and relief in the landscape, along with the cooling effect of the Gardon river, provide the effect of diurnal shift, with cooler nighttime temperatures providing freshness, crispness, and aromatics to this snappy (and “Best of!") Mediterranean all-star.
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