Jordi Llorens Blan d’Angera Amphora Conca de Barbera 2018

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In 2008, Jordi Llorens opened the winery that bears his name. It was now his turn to run the business of his family, who had always been dedicated to the cultivation of vines. He intended to produce organic wines with the aim of exclusively making quality wines, respecting the surroundings to the maximum extent. From the production of the family vineyard, only 10% is used for their wines.

Jordi Llorens' wines reflect the combination of tradition and modernism, with an ecological work process that aims for quality and health, both for the environment and for people. With an average yield of 1kg of grapes per vine, these are cultivated within the parameters of biodynamics. The vineyard is located in a Mediterranean climate that is slightly cool, due to the altitude and the distance from the sea (35km).

The 2018 Blan d’Anzera is a blend of macabeo and moscatel, is medium bodied, dry, super fresh and super, super delicious.

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