Glen Manor Vineyards Morales Rosé 2020


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Named for José Morales and his family, who alongside the White family have worked the vineyard since its establishment, this 2019 rosé is made by blending grapes grown specifically for rosé with juice bled off from the reds during the beginning of the maceration period (saignée). While skin contact time and varietal blend change from year to year, it is always a blend of the red grapes grown on the estate.

The Morales Rosé is a light, dry rosé ideal for charcuterie and summer meals and is intended to be enjoyed with the freshness of warm seasons.

Glen Manor Vineyards is located in Virginia approximately 70 miles west of Washington D.C., situated on a western flank of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The surrounding mountains, ranging between 1400 and 3400 feet in elevation, form a Glen which gives the vineyards a unique environment: A world of its own. The vines grow high on very steep mountain slopes characterized by deep, well-draining, and rocky soils. We employ a permanent cover crop between the rows and under the vines to aid in controlling the vines summertime growth and to increase the biodiversity of the vineyard.

The original six-acre vineyard was established in 1995.

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