Gitana Rara Neagra Moldova 2018


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The culture of wine in Moldova goes back a very long time, with evidence of winemaking found dating back to the Neolithic Period, approximately 7000 years ago. Since then, wine production has passed through various stages of development. It wasn't until the 19th century that Moldovan wines began being exported around Europe and a winemaking and viticulture school was established as a higher education institute dedicated to wine. Since Moldova obtained its independence in 1991, there has been great investment, improved farming practices and a uniqueness shaped by the country’s indigenous varieties, which represent 10% of all area under vine. 

The southern wine region designated Valul-Lui-Traian IGP is comprised of seven individual districts and over 43,000 hectares, with vineyard area growing annually. It got its name from an ancient monument called "Train's wall" constructed to protect the territory from Barbarian raids. The climate is moderately continental and terrain defined by lower and upper areas with variations in soil determined by proximity to the sea and hilly woodlands. Interesting varieties that grow well here include Aligote and Feteasca Neagra, among others. Gitana is owned and run by two generations of the Dulgher family and this 2017 is crafted entirely from their Rara Neagra, a grape that offers light- body, tangy red fruits, alongside dried flowers and herbs with notable. food friendly acidity.

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