Francoise Bedel l'Ame de la Terre Champagne 2005

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Françoise Bedel, a single mother of two sons and a new winery found herself in a tight spot. Her oldest son was very sick and she could find no doctor or hospital that could cure him. There were many weeks and months searching for an answer. As a last desperate measure, she took him to see an older couple in a nearby village who practiced homeopathic medicine. Under their guidance, Vincent, Françoise’s son and current winemaker at the estate, was on the mend. She swore off modern medicine and within months had removed every chemical or synthetic material from her tiny winery, Françoise became a biodynamic winemaker before virtually anyone in the wine trade had ever heard of the term.

Francoise & her son Vincent are in love with Pinot Meunier and this variety features heavily at this address. This is not uncommon as the Marne Valley is know for the quality of its Pinot Meunier and Françoise and Vincent only farm small amounts of Chardonnay (13%) and Pinot Noir (9%). In addition to their reliance on Pinot Meunier, Vincent and Françoise are also patient with their champagnes and it is not uncommon for a wine to spend more than 6 years on the lees, and frequently far longer. Low or zero dosage is the rule chez Bedel.

A vinous wine with an aromatic palate of ripe fruits and of flowers combined with broad, biscuity flavours The finish shines with maturity and freshness giving it a pleasant thirst-quenching quality
The nose is fresh and reminiscent of white flowers (hawthorn, acacia). After agitation, it reveals very delicate aromas of floral-flavoured honey and spice bread. Palate : A champagne with a crisp initial impact on the palate, giving way to rich and generous floral notes, enhanced by a touch of liquorice. The dosage is understated and perfectly integrated, thus allowing the true essence of the wine to come to the fore. This finish is exuberant with a freshness accentuated by citrus aromas (lemon and grapefruit).

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