Domanie des Terrisses Duras 2016

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Spread out around the town of Albi, the Gaillac vineyards extend over 73 communes along the Tarn river. The appellation includes significantly different terroirs , the results of different geological strata, which include limestone plateaus, hillside vineyards with limestone and clay soils and alluvial plains with soils of gravel and sand. The climate is more Mediterranean than Atlantic and the vineyards benefit from a warm and dry autumn. The wines can have a balance of concentration and restraint that is rare and the appellation’s local grape varieties enhance the originality of Gaillac’s wines.

L'Orée des Terrisses was conceived as a wine by which to "discover" the individual native grape varieties of Gaillac. It is always a single variety, but that changes which each vintage. Alain selects that variety which has most flourished, by the unique synergy of climate, the soil and grape variety in a given vintage. The wine is vinified in vats for 6-8 months, bottled young to capture fresh varietal aromas. Each year it is a new wine, with a new label. The current release is the Duras 2016.

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