Domaine la Colliere Georges Perrot Rasteau La Fontaine 2016

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Rasteau - granted AOP status in 2010 - is a small appellation where Grenache Noir is king, and dry reds must contain at least 50%. It creates some structure but  is the source of appealing aromatics and fruit that are are generous and full-bodied. It is a robust grape that stands up well to both winds and lack of water. It is perfectly suited to Rasteau's terroir with its exposed hillsides and dry, barren land. Produced using old vines, the result is a heady, structured wine with notes of ripe fruits and spices. Syrah and Mourvèdre (20% minimum) are added to the Grenache for balance. Syrah, native to the northern Rhône, is the most recent addition to Rasteau. It gives the wines a more intense color along with black fruits and spices. Mourvèdre is only cultivated in locations with the best sun, and produces intense tannins aromas of woodlands and fruit preserves. Carignan is also allowed, and it is a traditional variety from around the Mediterranean that thrives in a warm climate, stands up well to wind and drought, and is suited to the hot, dry terroirs of Rasteau. In these barren conditions, it gives the wine a beautiful color, and structure that ages well. Rasteau's Domaine la Collière produces a very elegant style of wine. While other producers pursue concentration and density to tame this wild terroir, Georges and Delphine Perrot try to avoid over-extracted wine and focus on aromatics, fine tannins and freshness. Domaine la Collière was founded in 2002. For the decade before founding the estate, Georges manually farmed Delphine's family's vineyards, steadily weaning them off chemicals while studying and getting to know the terroir. The 25-hectare estate is spread over 30 vineyard plots that contain the three main terroir of Rasteau: clay, gravel, and pale limestone. Apart from a few demi-muids for aging the Syrah, Georges and Delphines age their wine entirely in concrete tanks. There is a gentle maceration on the skins for each tank with délestage (French term for racking and returning a wine back to the tank  where the wine is pumped out of the fermenting tank and back over the cap to facilitate extraction of color and flavor.) performed two to three times. La Fontaine is the Domaine's most powerful cuvée, sourced entirely from blue clay soils - the terroir that generally produces the most robust and structured wines in Rasteau. Georges believes 2016 is the best vintage since 2007 and we're definitely convinced.

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