Domaine Giachino Giac Potes Mondeuse Gamay Bugey 2019


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Domaine Giachino, their ‘Giac Potes’ blend of Gamay & Mondeuse, and Savoie wine more broadly are the perfect story of happy accidents. Domaine Giachino is located in the foothills of Mont Granier, within the greater Massif de Chartreuse, on a small pocket of land responsible for some of the greatest wines in Savoie thanks to a bed of limestone rich soil created after a catastrophic landslide in 1248. This tiny 1.5 hectares domaine has been fully certified organic as of 2006, with every decision in both the vineyard & winery made with respect to nature & to convey the best sense of their unique location - a location best described by words like craggy, rugged, & harsh, not to mention an altitude averaging 1500m. ‘Giac Potes’ was first made in 2017 during a vintage when they did not have enough Gamay to do a single varietal, so out of necessity the decision was made to blend with Mondeuse. The result was so good, fresh, & youthful that they decided to continue intentionally making it that way. Gamay in Savoie is commonly produced in a light, quaffable style perfect for an Aprés-Ski (or Randonnée) pichet de vin, while regional specialty Mondeuse tends to be defined by a distinct spicy character that benefits from some age. ‘Giac Potes’ balances softer mixed berry fruit (strawberry, raspberry, & blackberry) & spices ranging from a peppercorn medley to cinnamon and clove for all the best the Savoie has to offer. Perfectly suited for a picnic of alpine cheese and saucisson. 


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