Domaine Branger Muscadet Sevre et Maine Terroir Gras Moutons 2018


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Dutch traders brought Melon to the Pays Nantais from Burgundy in the 1600s. They wanted grapes for distilling and the city of Nantes was within ready reach. Today, there are four appellations in the region: the base AOP of Muscadet with three sub-areas. Muscadet Sevre et Maine is the most varied and by far the largest. A generation ago, most of its wine was forgettable except those from a few dedicated growers like Claude and Sebastien Branger. Hand harvested, then vinified and bottled without fining or filtration, their 2018 Terroir Les Gras Mouton is crafted from 35+ year old Melon de Bourgogne growing on metamorphic gneiss full of mica and quartz. The result is a perfectly refreshing and dry white, with tangy lemon, delicate creaminess, and minerality at every turn. 

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