Dal Maso Monte Mitorio Tai Rosso Colli Berici 2020


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Native to the Veneto region, Tai Rosso is a red grape traditionally called “Tocai Rosso” until the European Union designated the Hungarian Tokaji the sole European wine allowed to use the name in 2012. Tai Rosso is a genetic match to Grenache, Cannonau and Vernaccia Nera, but each of them have developed in relative isolation for centuries. A fresh and red fruited wine, Dal Maso’s Monte Mitorio is reminiscent of a juicy marriage between Valpolicella and Barbera with softer acidity and charming versatility. Low in tannin and easy to love, this 100% Tai Rosso is the perfect pairing with a variety of pork dishes, hearty grains and greens,roasted white meats, fish and earthy risottos.

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