Chateau Gautoul Cahors Malbec 2012

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Among the most historic appellations of the southwest, the Cahors AOP lies along the Lot River, just southeast of Bordeaux, and produces red wines made primarily from Malbec, locally called Cot or Auxerrois. Malbec originates in Cahors, where the Atlantic climate yields a rugged, deeply pigmented red wine redolent of black walnut, raspberry and blackberry with a firmer structure than the comparatively soft wines of Argentina. These “black wines of Cahors”, as they’re known, have become a hot topic of late in the wine world, and quality has increased exponentially in the past few years thanks to more international interest. Chateau Gautoul’s charming, rustic nature and developed texture will play nicely with wintry stews, game meats and soft or semi firm sheep milk cheeses.
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