Brooklyn Oenology Broken Land Finger Lakes 2014

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Brooklyn Oenology, (BOE), does not own vineyards, but sources their fruit directly through New York vineyards, then manages their own winemaking - from harvest through press to fermentation, tank and or barrel storage and bottling. Their aim is to bridge the creative culinary, agricultural and art worlds by crafting award-winning regional wines from New York State grapes and by displaying the work of New York City artists on their bottle labels.

BOE’s “Broken Land” (which is the English translation of ‘Breuckelen’, the orginal Dutch name of Brooklyn) is a distinctive wine made in a classic Italian/Slovenian style. This wine offers an unexpected experience, with a heady palate of orange zest, nuts, lychee, apricot pit, rose and jasmine tea, all changing in the glass as you drink it. On-skin maceration imparts a deep golden color and mesmerizing flavors. Its complex structure and earthy tannin benefit from decanting and being served slightly warmer than normal for a standard chilled white.



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