Boniperti Favolalunga Vespolina 2016

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Guilberto Boniperti owns 3.5 hectares over 4 parcels in the alpine region of northern Piedmont. Everything is done by hand in the vineyard, including harvesting and sorting the Nebbiolo and Vespolina grapes. Ian d’Agata, in his authoritative book Native Wine Grapes of Italy, describes Vespolina as ‘ of Italy’s best native grape varieties...’ and alto Piemonte is its ancestral home. In color, Vespolina is a similar medium red to its distant relative Nebbiolo, and the aromatics lean towards wildflowers, wild mushrooms, with ripe red and black fruits. This mid-weight red can go with just about anything you serve this spring and summer, but a lighter protein such as veal, or a charcuterie and cheese plate would be perfect.

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