The Full Case for Establishing a Wine Cellar

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The Full Case for Establishing a Wine Cellar

12 Reasons to Build a Stockpile of Wine, No Matter How Humble...

12 Reasons to Build a Stockpile of Wine, No Matter How Humble


1. You will better pair food.

Certain foods just go better with a well-aged wine. Your prime rib will taste better with a 2009 Bordeaux. Those scallops will sing with a 2002 Champagne.

2. You will have the wines you need when you need them.

You need a Muscadet for those oysters that winked at you in the seafood market? Grab a bottle from the stash, throw it in an ice bucket for 20 minutes and you’re in Nantes.

3. You get to see what is meant by aged wine.

It’s not all about fruit, fruit, fruit. Discover the nuances of leather, mushrooms, and cured meat in reds. Hazelnut, slate, and white chocolate come through in some whites.

4. You develop a hobby that you can enjoy with more than one sense.

Stamp collecting is cool, but all of the glue tastes the same. Wine, on the other hand, has pretty labels and tastes good.

5. You learn more about wine.

It’s a rabbit hole, believe me. Why does this wine taste this way from this vintage? You’ll be driven to find out why.

6. You broaden your horizons.

If I like this wine, then what about the wine from that other producer from the same vineyard in the same vintage?

7. You deepen your vintages.

Good wines are made in finite quantities and specific vintages even more so. You like the producer? Buy, compare and contrast the 2005, 2006 and 2007.

8. You drink better wines.

Learn what you like, collect it, and don’t suffer the bad stuff for more than two sips. There is another, better bottle in the stockpile whispering your name.

9. You are not at the mercy of a restaurant.

If you’re going out for dinner for that special occasion, don’t be limited by the volume deal that the restaurant just bought into. Take your own special bottle along and pay the corkage, Rockefeller.

10. You can share, or hoard, your favorites.

Keep some everyday quaffers in that stockpile. All of your friends are not worthy of the best. Rule of thumb: if there are more than 6 coming to dinner and all are not wineaux, the wine will not be the center of attention.  Hence, that specially selected bottle will not be sufficiently venerated. Save it for another time.

11. You have great last minute gifts.

Fred and Ethel invited you over for steak in an hour? Grab a bottle of something interesting and show up like the boss guest you are.

12. You become cooler, instantly.

“This little 2010 Remossinet Marsannay? I tasted it at Unwined the other day, bought a case, and threw it in the cellar. Isn’t it great? I’m sorry, there is no more at the store, I bought the last they had.”


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