Azienda Vinicola Calabretta Gaio Gaio Terre Siciliane 2017

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Massimiliano Calabretta dedicates this crowd-pleasing wine to his father whose nickname Gaio translates to joy. The volcanic soils of Sicily’s famed Mt. Etna are home to Calabretta’s vineyards and winery. Gaio Gaio is made from young vine Nerello Mascalese located in the Contrada of Calderara. Meticulous work in the vineyard includes mulching, plowing, strict pruning and green manure (the practice of planting legumes and other nutrient rich cover crops along the vineyard rows and plowing them under to increase the fertility of the soil). The wine is fermented in old barrels before aging in large, old Slavonian oak casks. The Gaio Gaio is floral with red fruit, spice and a hint of earthiness from the volcanic soils. It is friendly, with light tannins and lovely acidity and balance. Pair with simple pasta, grilled pork or oily fish like tuna, swordfish or anchovies. 

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