Aphros Vinhao Vinho Verde Ten 2018

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Aphros wines are produced from certified biodynamic vineyards, in an areawhere farming this way, due to the humid climate, is not easy. Proprietor Vasco Croft is commited to the principals of biodynamics and Aphros whites are beautiful expressions of the terroir in the Lima sub-zone of Vinho Verde. Produced from Loureiro grapes which are picked earlier than usual, the wine is incredibly bright, with lip smacking acidity and yet a balanced overall expression due to the very small amount of residual sugar. “Ten” refers to the very low 10% ABV and with its unexpected bottle age, this 2015 has put on some weight, surprisingly rounded given the bright,punchy lemon-lime flavor profile. Shellfish and fresh cheeses are a naturalmatch.

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