100 Bowls of Soup Turkey Bone Broth Frozen

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100 Bowls of Soup founder Katharine Mardirosian's mother-in-law and love of soup inspired her to gather a group of home-trained cooks and artisans to create flavorful and nourishing food from scratch. Katharine and her team love experimenting in the production kitchen, trying new ingredients, exploring new flavor combinations, and creating truly delicious, healthful meals. Local and oh so tasty!

100 Bowls Bone Broth is made the traditional way. Meat bones, root vegetables, cider vinegar, and herbs simmer over a low heat for many hours to extract not just flavor, but nutrition from each of the ingredients. Using pasture raised, grass-fed animals, and no added salt, this broth makes for a nourishing base for soups, sauces, gravies, stews, or rice dishes. (Pro tip: for ultimate restorative benefits, they recommend sipping it like hot tea.)

Inspired by their experiences in a traditional Romanian kitchen, 100 Bowls is guided by the practical wisdom of home cooks who for generations cooked using practical and sustainable methods. With each of their products, 100 Bowls strives to create products that illustrate the relationship between food, health, and cultural well-being.

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